ZVOX SB500 review

Zvox is probably a name you have never heard off before; it is not famous like Samsung or Bose, but Zvox has launched ten intelligently amazing models of home theater systems. All those home theater sound systems or speakers are good at what they do. They all feature fantastic audio quality, attractive looks, up to the mark specifications and an affordable price range. The Zvox might be your only solution to your poor TV audio quality. Are you in search of the best home theater sound bar system? Or are you tired of your same dull TV audio sound quality? The Zvox Soundbar SB500 is the one to spice things up for you. Also, Zvox launched the SB500 Soundbar, and it is one of the best sound bar home theater system that you should consider buying. Let’s see why in this Zvox SB500 Soundbar reviews.

zvox sb500 review

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Zvox SB500 – Sound Quality:

The SB500 Zvox offers an intense and powerful bass, with loud and crystal clear voice. The Zvox 500 will make your family movie time more enjoyable with toned and even lows, mids and highs. Zvox SB500 features a ‘PhaseCue’ which is a virtual surround that creates three dimensional sound for a perfect home theater experience. Also, the SB500 Zvox is built with an ‘AccuVoice’ technology that makes sure that the dialogues are coming out clear and even.

The Zvox 550 Soundbar doesn’t come with a subwoofer, but to be honest, the SB500 does not need a subwoofer too. The Zvox SB500 can easily reach a frequency of 42Hz, which is perfect for a home theater system.

Zvox SB500 Review – Design:

The Zvox Soundbar SB500 is a brushed aluminum rectangular box with metal speaker grille all over, and two high-quality plastics covering the ends of the sound bar. One side of the SB500 Soundbar contains all the main control buttons while the other end has the bass port that is used to control the bass if you wall mount the soundbar.

The Zvox Soundbar SB500 is a slim, compact and long sound bar, which you can fix anywhere in your home near your television and it will look attractive; while providing you with the best home theater experience.

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Zvox Soundbar SB500 Reviews – Features:

  • The Zvox SB500 features a PhaseCue virtual surround for three dimensional sound effects.
  • The Zvox Soundbar SB500 also features an AccuVoice that will deliver the sound clear and smooth.
  • SB500 Soundbar has 2” full range drivers
  • Also, the SB500 Soundbar has 4” woofers too
  • You can control the functions with the remote control also.
  • It has a built-in Bluetooth compatibility so you can stream music wirelessly by pairing it with any device.
  • The Zvox Soundbar SB500 has aptX audio coding that helps in delivering a smooth Bluetooth sound
  • Also, Zvox 500 features output leveling that will help in taming the loud and annoying sounds.


Zvox SB500 Soundbar – Specifications:


Dimensions: 9.5 x 47.5 x 7.4 inches

Weight: 10 pounds

Connectivity: Bluetooth. wired

Amplifier Power: 140

Power: AC power adapter

Colors Available: Classic black

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