Top 5 Bluetooth Speakers 2018

Gone are the days where one fought over the aux wire rights and controlling the stereo at parties and during travel. The issue with the old school portable speakers has always been that, if you lose the aux, you can’t use them and they rendered uselessly.

Also, to correctly hear the bass one needed high-end systems and what not that required their room or table where they had to be placed. Not to mention, these systems are fragile, and a little splash of water was all it took for these systems to stop working.

The solution that the tech world gave us to all our music playing worries while on the road or at parties is through Bluetooth speakers. With the addition of wireless Bluetooth speakers into the world of speakers, it has never been easier to connect to speakers and play songs.

With the Bluetooth speakers, you don’t worry about sitting near the speakers yourself and playing DJ while everyone else has fun. Only you or anyone can connect to them via your phone and enjoy like everyone else.

Portable wireless speakers are very convenient, and everyone needs them in their life. For these speakers are not only easy to carry around but are most of the time waterproof and always gives you the best sound one can offer; you can hear the bass from miles away.

Therefore here are our top 5 picks for some of the best portable wireless Bluetooth speakers that are available in the market.

  1. JBL Xtreme Portable Speakers

The JBL Xtreme portable speakers are the ultimate portable speakers that let you connect up to three smartphones or tablets for an earth-shattering experience, these portable speakers are not only powerful but compactly designed and are ideal for carrying around when traveling.

These speakers offer up to 15 hours of play time and are the ultimate speakers that let you provide calls without the echo for a clear and uninterrupted conversation.

The JBL Xtreme is waterproof.

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  1. Samsung Radiant 360 R1 Bluetooth Speakers

Samsung is known for always producing some of the best innovative products in town, and the reason they are known as one the most prominent company for tech gadgets is due to the quality of products.

The Radiant 360 R1 portable Bluetooth speakers that they offered are the state of the art ones that offer multiple features such as the option to connect the Radiant 360 R1 to your Samsung TV. One of the best things about these portable speakers is that unlike the majority of the speakers in the market, they deliver sound in every direction.

The Ring Radiator Technology enables clearer sound without any distortions. The Samsung Radiant 360 R1 is compact and stylish, like all Samsung products. They are one of the few portable speakers in the market that offer connectivity via Bluetooth, AUX, and WiFi.

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  1. JBL charge 2 plus

This portable Bluetooth speaker is the ultimate speakers for parties; it comes with all the necessary features such as loud sound, water-resistant, and connectivity. The JBL Charge 2 plus gives you the option to connect it with other JBL portable Bluetooth speakers so that you can easily play the same song from various speakers all at once!

The speakers are small and compact and perfect to carry around, like the JBL Xtreme it also offers the option to receive calls and provides you with a crystal clear sound without the echo.

However, the battery life of these speakers is not as long lasting as the others on the list.

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  1. Phillips BT2500B

Phillips has always been on the front when it comes to entertainment systems, all of their products always deliver from what we have seen, and the Phillips BT2500B wireless portable Bluetooth speaker is no exception.

The beauty of this speaker is that it is very compact, while other portable speakers are easy enough to be carried in your bag, the Phillips BT2500B can be carried in your pocket. Talk about convenient.

But don’t be fooled by the size of the speakers, the packaging might be small, but these Bluetooth speakers produce a sound loud enough to shake the room. With a booming bass listening to music has never been the same.

The speakers are waterproof and can be connected to your phone via aux as well as Bluetooth for the ultimate listening experience. The Phillips BT2500B provides you the option to also use it as a microphone to take calls etc.

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  1. Amazon Basics Bluetooth Speakers

Another fantastic Bluetooth speakers that you can invest in are the Amazon Basics Bluetooth speakers. These speakers can handle loud and high pitched sounds with ease and deliver a clear sound to you without any hitch.

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These speakers are perfect for parties and gatherings and can make give you the ultimate experience for any music.

The design is small and compact, and the Amazon Basics speaker is easy to carry around. It has five programmable buttons and LED light button option for the Bluetooth. The speakers can be connected to your phone or tablet via Bluetooth or Aux.



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