Philips Shoqbox Mini Review

Philips Shoqbox is one of the strongest and the most durable Bluetooth speaker by Philips. You will find the Shoqbox Mini to be powerful just by looking at it. The Philips Shoqbox Mini also offers a strong sound quality just like how it seems.

You will find the Philips shock box sound to be toned, smooth and loud every single time. In this Philips Shoqbox Mini review, you will find out all the other functions and specifications.
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Philips Shoqbox Mini Review – Sound Quality:

The sound quality of the Philips Shoqbox Mini waterproof speaker is reliable, loud and clear. The Philips Shoqbox Mini is a single 1.6-inch speaker. The Shoqbox Mini portable Bluetooth speaker will fill in your room with crisp and smooth sound. Also, the Philips Shoqbox Mini features anti-clipping technology that makes sure to deliver ultrasonic sound quality with no voice distortions.

The mids, lows and high tones of the Shoqbox Philips wireless speaker are even toned; so you can listen to any genre song on your portable Shoqbox Bluetooth speaker.


Philips Shoq box Mini- Design:

The Philips Shoqbox Mini looks like a Mini hand grenade that delivers impressive sound. Shoqbox Philips is one of the best-rugged speakers with IPX6 certification. Also, the Bluetooth speaker Phillips shock box Mini is perfect for outdoors like you can quickly take your Shoqbox on an adventure or even at the beaches and pools.

The Philips Shoqbox Mini waterproof portable speaker weighs only 4.8 ounces and is tiny. So, it is a perfect fit for your purse or the palm of your hand. The whole speaker body of the Philips Shoqbox Mini is rugged styled speaker grille. Also, both the top and bottom parts of the Philips Shoqbox waterproof speaker is covered with rubber, to prevent it from slipping.

On the top of the Phillips shock box Mini, you will find control buttons like the power button, volume up/ down, Bluetooth pairing and a speakerphone button. Also, on the bottom part of the Shoqbox Philips Mini; you will find a rubberized cap that covers the connection ports for AUX input for wired connectivity and a micro USB port for charging.

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Shoqbox Philips Mini- Connectivity:

The Philips Shoqbox Mini is a Bluetooth speaker so that you can pair your smartphone with your Shoqbox via Bluetooth for wireless music. Apart from this, you can also connect your phone to your Shoqbox Mini through the auxiliary input.

For charging, there is a micro USB cable that you connect with your Shoqbox Philips Mini to charge the Bluetooth speaker.  You can also attend calls through the Philips Shoqbox Mini Bluetooth speaker while your phone is connected to the speaker. Just press the speakerphone button on top of the Shoqbox speaker and have smooth and easy wireless conversations anytime.


Philips Shoqbox Mini- Specifications:

Dimensions: 2.3 x 4.2 x 2.7 inches

Weight: 4.8 ounces

Connectivity: Bluetooth, Auxiliary input

Bluetooth Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0

Bluetooth Range: 33 ft

Play Time: 5 hours

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  • Loud volume
  • Solid and clear sound
  • IPX6 resistant, splash proof
  • Compact
  • Easy to use


  • Short battery life

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