Paradigm PW Soundbar Review

You are just a Soundbar away from having a perfect home theater experience on a Saturday night with your family or friends. Having a good Soundbar will work wonders for when you watch a movie or your daily TV programs. So, for high and authentic sound quality, you need a Soundbar for your living room.

If you are already searching for a Soundbar that will deliver loud and crisp sound quality; you should go for the Paradigm PW Soundbar. The Paradigm Soundbar is one of the best launches of Paradigm and is loved by all of the users. In this Paradigm PW Soundbar review, you will see why.

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Paradigm Soundbar- Sound Quality:

The Paradigm PW amp delivers full, rich and loud sound no matter what you play. Also, Paradigm PW Soundbar features 9- driver and three channel modes that use the DTS Play-Fi to stream music from various music streaming platforms.

The mids, lows and high frequencies of the Paradigm Soundbar are balanced; so you can listen to any genre music or watch any movie at the loudest of volume.

Paradigm PW Soundbar- Design:

You will love the decent and sleek design in your living area. The Paradigm PW Soundbar is everything you need for a perfect home theater experience. It weighs 12.7 pounds and features a class D 135W amplifier, a DOLBY digital and DTS processors for soundtracks. Also, the amplifier is connected to the nine 2.5” cone drivers that deliver the loud and smooth sound every single time.

On the back of the Paradigm Soundbar, you will find three HDMI inputs, two digital inputs, two stereo analog inputs and a woofer output. Inside the Paradigm PW amp metal grille, there is a 5” aluminum woofer and two 1” tweeters that make sure to deliver rich and loud audio quality.

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Paradigm PW Soundbar- Connectivity:

The Paradigm PW Soundbar can be paired via Bluetooth, IP connections, and Ethernet connections. Also, the Paradigm PW amp also features DTS Play-Fi technology; so you can easily connect and pair your Paradigm Soundbar with another Paradigm.

You can also control the music when your phone is connected to the Paradigm PW Soundbar through your phone. You just have to download the Paradigm app to access the music through your fingertips.

Apart from this, the Paradigm PW Soundbar also comes with a metal remote control. The remote control features all the programs like night mode, mute, volume up/ down; or to pair up your Paradigm PW amp through the multi-room.


Paradigm PW Soundbar- Specifications:

Dimensions: 46 x 5.5 x 4 inches

Weight: 12.7 pounds

Connectivity: wired/ wireless

Drivers: nine 2.5” full range drivers

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  • Loud and crisp sound quality
  • Class D 135 W amplifier for deep and rich bass
  • Multi-room features so you can connect your Paradigm Soundbar to another Paradigm.
  • Sleek and simple design
  • Easy setup and user-friendly


  • The remote control is not good.

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