Fuggo Tough XL Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review

Many of the best Bluetooth speakers made in extra effort to improve its stability and battery life, which makes it harder to carry the devices with you outdoors. But Fugoo Tough XL managed to make a speaker that has the key elements and being a compact speaker; it doesn’t take up much space in your bag as well. Following is complete Fugoo Tough XL Review:

fugoo tough xl

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The Fugoo Tough XL is so far, our favorite Bluetooth speaker, the combination of battery life, sound quality and price it has already won a lot of hearts. The fuggo XL Tough jacket increased the durability of the speaker. If you’re looking for the best outdoor speaker that’s easy to carry anywhere with you and doesn’t compromise on sound, the Tough could be it.


Fugoo Tough XL -Design and Features


The Fugoo Tough XL at 7.75 x 2.9 x 2.3 inches is considerably smaller than other outdoor Bluetooth speakers, and those speakers also weigh more than the 22-ounce Tough XL speaker. That makes the Fugoo Tough XL portable Bluetooth speaker an excellent choice when you move around outdoors with your Bluetooth speaker. Few of the optional accessories such as a strap mount and bike mount make the Tough XL even more appealing for outdoor use.


Fugoo Tough XL- Varieties


Fugoo Tough XL speaker comes in three varieties; one is Tough second is Style, and the third is Sport. The Tough XL is more for the biker crowd, the Style is for the fashion-conscious people, and the Tough sport is built for all those who are looking for fun, fast and hardcore element. Its black-colored ends that surround the silver aluminum on top and bottom give the speaker a tank like a look. The extra protection on the speaker adds 6 ounces to the overall weight compared to the other versions of Tough XL.

Inside the Fugoo Tough XL jacket, you’ll find the same speaker as the Style and Sport that is two 1.5-inch woofer drivers, two 1.1-inch tweeters and two 1.7 x 2.1-inch passive radiators.

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Fugoo Tough XL- Audio Performance

For a small speaker like Fugo Tough XL, it amazes all of us as it generates big sound. The design of the speaker spreads the music out very well, making it a perfect match for gathering around the campfire. Overall, the speaker sounds just perfect rather than too bass. Thanks to the separate tweeters and woofers, this is something few portable speakers have.


Fugoo Tough XL- Speakerphone

The Fugoo Tough XL speakerphone performed amazingly well it sounds louder and fuller than on the iPhone’s built-in speakerphone. When we tested it on the call, other end caller said they could hear us clear and much better. The Tough XL also includes Siri and Google that makes it easier to integrate for hands-free calling. Just hold down the center button for a few seconds to activate it.


Fugoo Tough XL- Battery Life

Fugoo Tough XL claims that one can get up to 40 hours of playback at 50% volume in normal mode.  In Loud Mode, we still found battery life of Tough XL to be impressive. After more than 15 hours of listening at medium volume, the battery status was about half. The Fugoo Tough XL beats most of the Bluetooth speakers regarding battery life for sure.

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