Dknight Magicbox ii Bluetooth 4.0 Ultra- Portable wireless speaker review

There are various portable Bluetooth wireless speakers on the market that are being offered, but most of them are expensive and pricey. But here comes the DKnight Magicbox 2 to save us from spending our money to buy a very premium portable wireless speaker. The DKnight Magicbox II has made to our list for the Best Bluetooth Speakers that too under $50. The original model of DKnight Bluetooth speaker had a lot to offer, but it had some flaws as well. But the second generation of the DKnight magic box Bluetooth speaker aims to fix that while keeping what we liked about the original. Did DKnight correct the faults of the original or did they just create new ones, let’s find out.

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DKnight Magicbox 2 – Performance

The original DKnight Magicbox Ultra-Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker was known for its bass performance and powerful sound output for a very portable and compact size. The new model DKnight Magicbox 2 surely does surpass its older version.With the DKnight Magicbox II 4.0, the quality of sound and bass is enhanced. We compared the performance of the original and this new version, and we felt a lot of difference.

With the same portable and compact size that it has from the original model, the DKnight Magicbox II Bluetooth 4.0 Ultra-Portable Wireless Speaker has enhanced passive radiators and10-Watt acoustic drivers thus magicbox ii got the upper hand in better and improved sound quality along with bass output. According to the DKnight claims, the new version has got richer bass and 30% louder volume than the original version.

DKnight Magicbox ii – Build & Design

The built and design of the magicbox 2 is the same as the older model, measuring 6 x 2 x 1.6 inches. The significant difference in the build is something that you can’t notice unless you open it for some reason. The 6W drivers on the inside have been upgraded to 10W drivers. The speaker is the same from outside. A slim black box with three-sided grilles and a plastic covering the bottom, top, and the fourth side. On the left side, you’ll find the power switch, micro USB input for charging, and the 3.5mm input. The micro SD card slot can be seen on the original Magicbox is no longer in the latest version, so if that’s something you often use this might not be for you.

The buttons on the top were fantastic on the original model, and they’re same as significant in the new model. The buttons are made of soft rubber, though they are little too squishy. One thing that does bother us about the DKnight magic box 2 build is how much dirt and dust the soft rubber gathers. Barely 15 minutes out of the box and it already needed to be wiped down. But no doubt the rubber was there to protect the speakers during testing when fell from a 6 feet height and was unharmed.

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DKnight Magicbox ii Bluetooth 4.0 Portable Wireless Speaker -Connection

This modernized and more rapid version of DKnight Magicbox gives better connectivity and enhanced quality. Along with the speedy connection, it also gives least possible skipping. Dknight magicbox ii Bluetooth 4.0 portable wireless speaker can cover the range of 30 feet. Even with the hurdles like walls, it can give an excellent level connectivity. To connect dk magicbox 2 with your device, just turn on the Bluetooth and speaker and let them pair up. Once, they are paired. Voila! You are ready to have a peak sound quality experience.

You may also attach this dknight magicbox 2 using a wired connection. As mentioned above it comes with Aux input where the music source can be connected via 3.5mm cable. Though, it has the capability to connect microphone that gives you an option to enjoy hands-free calls. However, it’s something that did not fascinate me much. Because listener doesn’t hear your voice far clearly, it makes this feature nearly useless. But who cares about a mic for answering phone calls when you are looking for a high quality sound speaker. Which it surely is!

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DKnight Magicbox 2 Review – Battery Life

Another pleasure of having this dknight magicbox ii Bluetooth speakers is the battery life. Regular speakers usually last for up to 4-5 hours. But, this one has the battery life that lasts for 10 to 12 hours easily. If you listen to the music with high volume, the battery might drain fast, but with low volume, it can last for a reasonably good time.

DKnight Magicbox ii Review – Sound Quality

If you are familiar with the original Magicbox, you must know that it was the sound quality which created much hype about this product. And when it comes to dknight magicbox ii Bluetooth 4.0 ultra-portable wireless speaker the quality of sound is even polished up. The bass has also enhanced and is less distorted with the implementation of 10W acoustic driver and the latest designed passive radiator.

DKnight Magicbox ii Bluetooth 4.0 Portable Wireless Speaker- Conclusion

The 11.5 ounces dknight magicbox 2 is quite handy to carry. It’s the best value for money since it produces incredible sound quality. The purpose of this dknight magicbox 2 review was also to let people know the worth of this product if they are looking to buy an excellent speaker. For a music lover like me, this decent looking portable speaker is the best one of all. Considering that dknight magicbox 2 is my personal favorite, we would recommend it to all my readers.

Dknight magicbox ii wireless speaker also comes in four various colors of Black, Red, Blue, and Gray. Every color has its grace, and you may go with one of your choices. But the black is our preferred one. If you are looking for a portable speaker, we bet you will find dknight magicbox 2 an ultimate decision for its quality of sound and bass, long battery life, speakerphone option and a budget-friendly gadget.

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