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Bose Wave Music System 4 Review

Music is something one person wants to listen to every single day. Even after a long tiring day, or to celebrate joy, we all need a good dose of music. It is as important that our speakers are good enough so we can listen to our favorite songs without any hassle. Let me introduce you the Bose SoundWave 4, which is the perfect device for any music lover.

The Bose Soundwave 4 has been the best seller speaker set since the day it was launched. Soundwave 4 is a complete music system. You can connect it with cables, CD or via Bluetooth to stream music wirelessly from your smart phone too. Let’s go in detail and see what else bose system 4 has to offer.

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Bose Wave Bluetooth Speaker 4: Sound

As for the sound, the bose soundwave 4 offers a room filling, smooth and precise sound. Apart from the wireless music system, the Bose wave music system 4 also works like a radio. You just have to press the radio button and select your favorite channel.

Your Bose wave 4 music system can also be set up as a wireless Bluetooth speaker set. Also, you can also connect it to your homes Wi-Fi and listen to your music with ease. The sound that Bose music system 4 offers is loud, clear, smooth, textured and warm.  You will not regret investing your money on the Bose SoundWave 4 music system.

Bose Soundwave Speaker 4: Design

Just like the sound, the design of the Bose system 4 is also exceptional. It is an exquisite and classic design. These speakers will look great in your living area and will make it look a lot livelier.

Bose Wave 4 music system is a square shaped speaker with almost all of its functions on the front. The display box of the Bose system 4 displays the time, music source, adjustable brightness. Also, it features an automatic night time dimming. The speaker grille is at the sides while the Bose logo is at the center which looks just as nice. At the back of the bose system 4 is the ports like AUX, power adapter and USB ports.

The Bose SoundWave 4 comes in a rich espresso black color which will make any counter top look amazing.

Bose Soundwave 4 Connectivity

Even though Bose music system 4 is a wireless speaker set. Also, it offers connections like CD, MP3, cables. Apart from that, it is a wireless music system which means that you can easily connect it to Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and stream your favorite music.

Also, Bose wave music system 4 also has a radio. You can listen to radios channel just by pressing the FM button. Isn’t it worth buying!?

Your Bose Soundwave 4 can also be your alarm clock. Just set your time, and it will wake you up with the sweetest sounding voice that will make you a morning person.

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Bose Soundwave 4 Information

Bose music systems 4 dimensions: 7 x 12.8 x 19 inches.

Weight: 1 pound

Connectivity: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi


Bose Soundwave 4 Pros:

  • User friendly
  • Play music by mp3 or CD
  • Stream music wirelessly via Bluetooth
  • Eye- catching design
  • Is also an alarm clock


Bose Soundwave 4 Cons:

  • Expensive
  • No bass control
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