Bose SoundTouch 120 Review

Whether you are watching your daily TV show, a movie or just listening to audio songs, you need sound systems that deliver loud, clear, warm and extraordinary sound to fill in your room.

Anyone would love to have a home theater system which offers the best features and the best sound. So, they can have the cinema-like experience in the comfort of their own home. To your surprise, the SoundTouch 120 can make this dream come true.

Bose 120 SoundTouch combines its high-tech features with its top-notch speakers to give you the best home theater experience. It offers the best voice, deep bass and so many amazing features that will make you fall in love with this Bose SoundTouch model.

In this Bose SoundTouch 120 review, you will get to know detail about the best selling speaker set; that will help you decide if you want to invest in this hi tech speaker set.

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Bose SoundTouch 120 Sound

Even though the speaker bar itself is not so big, but the music and sound that it delivers is big enough to fill your home with the best sound.

Bose SoundTouch 120 is intelligently made with the TrueSpace technology that delivers a sound so crisp, detailed and clear that you will not regret investing money in this complete home theater system. Also, the TrueSpace technology makes sure that the sound is more spacious and clear.

The SoundTouch 120 Bose has a single 17” sound bar which delivers a very loud and clear voice; while the wireless Acoustimass module creates a deep bass; which will make your movie night an unforgettable experience.

Although the secret of such loud and crisp sound is the five perfectly positioned drivers; the 120 SoundTouch 120 has two internal speakers for the mids; as they are the SoundTouch 120’s speakers, they make sure that the sound delivery is loud, clear and even toned. SoundTouch 120 also has a separate speaker for bass for a mid to high range audio. Apart from that, the Acoustimass module helps in the low-frequency bass.


Bose SoundTouch 120 Design

Bose has always amazed its customers with the best designs. The SoundTouch 120 design is also very sleek and classic (as always).

It is a black set up with one 17” long sound bar and a wireless Acoustimass which is a square box but requires no wired connection with the speaker.

Also, the SoundTouch 120 Bose has the ADAPTiQ audio calibration that helps in adjusting the volume according to the room automatically. Without taking up so much of your space, the Bose SoundTouch 120 will look just as amazing as the sound it delivers.

Also, the design of the SoundTouch 120 is very different and classical. Even though it is a heavy appliance, but where ever you decide to fix it, it will surely make the area very attractive.

Where ever you decide to pose the Bose Soundtouch 120, it will blend in the area making it look more gorgeous and classical.

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Bose Soundtouch 120 Connectivity

Bose 120 SoundTouch’s connectivity is effortless as it is a wireless home theater system. You can easily listen to your sounds wirelessly by pairing your Bose SoundTouch 120 with a Bluetooth connection.

Or, you can also connect the SoundTouch 120 Bose by connecting it to your home Wi-Fi. You can wirelessly stream your favorite songs. Also, you can listen and control to music by connecting the Bose 120 with the free SoundTouch app.

In the ‘Party’ mode of your SoundTouch 120, you can play the same music continuously, or make a list and play that too. You can easily control the 120 Bose with the universal remote control.

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SoundTouch music app for Bose SoundTouch 120

Now you can control your music on your SoundTouch 120 through your smartphone too. Bose has given you the remote control, and it is also giving you the feature to control the music with your smartphone; by downloading the SoundTouch app.

To control, just download the SoundTouch app on your phone, make an account and change the songs or adjust the volume from where ever you are, by the SoundTouch app.

(You can download the SoundTouch app for free).

Your SoundTouch 120 also includes a control console with four HDMI inputs. And with that, you can connect a cable box, Apple TV, Blu-ray player easily. Also, there is a single HDMI input included that will connect with your TV. Setting up the Bose Soundtouch 120 is very easy.

The SoundTouch 120 Bose also has an Ethernet port for a wired home network.


Also, you can listen to songs by connecting your SoundTouch 120 with Spotify, Pandora, and Amazon music.

Bose SoundTouch 120 Multi-Room speaker

This Bose SoundTouch120 model also adds the feature up as it is also a multi-room SoundTouch home theater system. Also, with this feature, you can connect any other Bose speaker with your SoundTouch 120 to play the same song at one time. Or you can connect those two speakers to make the sound louder.

The Bose SoundTouch 120 Universal Remote

Apart from the fact that this Bose SoundTouch model is the best thing you can buy for a home theater experience, the SoundTouch 120 also offers extra and impressive features. Like its Universal Remote control. Yes! With the SoundTouch 120, you will also get a universal remote controller in the box. Your TV or any other gadget can also be controlled easily in addition to the home audio system; with the SoundTouch universal remote control.

How to set up Bose SoundTouch 120

The setup of the Bose 120 SoundTouch is very easy. Also, you can get the whole setup done within minutes.


Connect the power cord to the power connector on the Acoustimass module. Insert the two long cables into the speaker connections on the console.

Next, insert the other end of the speaker into the 10-pin connector into the soundbar.

Now, connect the adapter to the Nose connector on the console. When connected, next, connect the console to your TV and voila! Enjoy your SoundTouch 120.


Bose SoundTouch 120 Specifications:

Speaker dimensions: 20.2 x 16 x 21.5 inches

Product weight: 32.6 pounds.

Control console: 12-5/16”W x 2-1/2 “H x 8-1/4”D

Remote: 8.8 x 2.1 x 1.2”/ 22.4 x 5.3 x 3.0 cm

Wireless Range: Up to 30.0’/ 9.1 m (Acoustimass module)

Wi-Fi: 802.11 b/g/n

Power: 100 to 240 VAC

Output: 1 x HDMI

Audio Input: Optical, analog stereo (RCA) and coaxial digital.

Audio Format: Supports WMA, MP3, AAC and Apple Lossless.

Enclosure: Bass Reflex

Mid-range: Cone (5)

Subwoofer: Yes

Subwoofer Driver: Cone

Colors available: Black

Warranty: 1 year

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Bose SoundTouch 120 system Pros


Amazing sound quality

Loud enough to fill two rooms

Supports optional wall mounting kits

4k compatible

Spotify connection compatibility

Dolby Digital and DTS decoding

TrueSpace technology


Bose SoundTouch 120 system Cons

No USB ports

Do not support 4k video content.


Bose SoundTouch 120 vs. 130

After the huge success and positive feedbacks on the SoundTouch 120, Bose launched the SoundTouch 130 home theater system. The Bose SoundTouch 130 is also a slim soundbar that delivers spacious and clear sound wirelessly. Now that the SoundTouch 130 home theater system is also out and available in the market. People are getting confused on what SoundTouch home theater model to invest on. For that, here is a little Bose SoundTouch 120 vs 130 just to give you an idea about both of their specifications and features.

Bose SoundTouch 120 Bose SoundTouch 130
Dimensions 20.2 x 16 x 21.5 inches 39.9 x 12 x 21.3 inches
Weight 32.6 pounds 38.7 pounds
Ratinngs 4.2/5 4.0/5
Price Check Price on Amazon Check Price on Amazon

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What is in the box of Bose SoundTouch `120

The SoundTouch 120 Bose is a complete home theater package. When you buy it, this is what will come in the box of the 120 home theater systems.


  • Soundbar speaker
  • Acoustimass module
  • Control console
  • Wireless SoundTouch adapter
  • 6” proprietary cable
  • 5” AC power cords (two)


  • ADAPTiQ headset
  • 5” HDMI cable
  • 10’ proprietary cable
  • 6’ micro USB cable
  • Universal remote control
  • 4 rubber feet (for extra grip)
  • Owners guide
  • Owner’s manual
  • 2’ AA” batteries


So, that was the complete review of the SoundTouch 120. The review has all the great specifications and features that this Bose model has to offer. Also, from the SoundTouch 120 vs 130, you can decide for yourself which Bose SoundTouch model to buy. Both the home theater systems are hi-tech and have 5-star ratings; so you will never regret investing on the Bose!

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